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Sustainability: How To Gain Superior Profit & Operational Performance

Sustainability is one of the most important issues facing business owners today. It encompasses environmental, social, and financial demands and concerns, and if managed correctly, it can be a powerful driver for business success.

Achieving a net-zero world by 2050 may well prove to be the largest reallocation of capital in history, leading to an increase in spending in the range of $1 trillion to $3.5 trillion more per year than today.

McKinsey Quarterly  |  August 1, 2022

Here at Skelligs Energy and through our SuperGreen Solutions franchise, we are dedicated to helping you as an owner or a manager build and market your company as green and sustainable. Our programs are designed and customised to help business owners achieve superior profit and operational performance while being environmentally responsible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business!

The environment is currently under huge pressure. With many regions experiencing political turmoil, natural disasters and human rights abuses it’s hard to see how anything can survive without proper sustainability practices in place 

But this isn’t just about saving ourselves – we need sustainable business models too! Here are 10 reasons why you should care for your company’s future by becoming certified as a green, sustainable enterprise.


To be a successful business in today’s marketplace, you need to offer your customers not just good service but also eco-friendly products.

That’s why it pays off for companies like yours to invest time and money into becoming green certified in order to tap into the lucrative market of environmentally conscious consumers!

By going green, you will have access to a whole new market of eco-conscious consumers who are looking for sustainably produced goods.


By making the switch to sustainable practices, you are not only saving yourself (and your current customers) from emissions that would otherwise degrade air quality in this country; but also gaining new business opportunities. By becoming certified as a green-friendly company — SuperGreen Solutions can help market themselves accordingly– opening up whole markets of environmentally conscious consumers who have been looking specifically for those kinds of brands!

3. Sustainability INCREASES REVENUES

With lower operational costs and increased revenue, you’re sure to see an increase in your business’s bottom line. SuperGreen Solutions can help businesses determine the best way to switch from traditional practices that are not environmentally friendly or sustainable for their needs so they too may decrease both expenses while increasing profits!


Sustainability Pays

The world is going green and so should you! SuperGreen Solutions ISO 14001 Certification, or even voluntary compliance, will open up a network of eco-conscious consumers who purchase only from sustainable businesses. Building your business in compliance with recognised standards, your company becomes an integral part in the transition towards environmentally friendly practices that are saving our planet for future generations to come.”


The goal of Skelligs Energy’s energy management service is to reduce your overall operating costs by providing you with an easy way through which we can monitor and control various aspects of electricity usage across your business. Once new sources have been found, they will be able to set up one system that allows for detailed monitoring so there won’t ever need for another person or program to interrupt daily tasks like work deadlines!


Green businesses are definitely something to get behind. Not only do they make you look good as a company, but getting certified for green practices in your business and giving employees cause to rally around it will improve overall performance among staff members while also improving retention rates! This makes being at work feel more appealing when recruitment efforts pick up – meaning your business can get the best of the best.

Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you and join the growing list of clients who are benefiting from our sustainability services! Let’s go green together!

7. Improved PUBLIC IMAGE

It’s never too late to do the right thing and save our planet.

No business was ever ridiculed for attempting to save the planet. On the contrary, choosing more sustainable practices often sets a business apart from the rest – even more so in this post-pandemic world where consumers are more fickle than ever. The public has been shown to respond more positively toward a company and a brand that chooses to commit to a sustainable future and even more so when they succeed in acquiring formal certification to demonstrate that commitment.


Businesses with a green certification are more valuable and attractive to potential buyers. They also set themselves apart from their competitors, making it easier for them when considering an exit from the business in question one day if they wanted to. With our help, Skelligs Energy and SuperGreen Solutions will make sure that everything goes smoothly for your company!


If employees feel a sense of comradery and ownership with adopting greener practices in the workplace, they will feel more engaged. SuperGreen Solutions guides a sustainability committee made up of your staff to implement the operational changes to qualify for the green certification.

10. Sustainability REDUCES COSTS

It’s not just your electricity and water bill that will decrease with the implementation of eco-friendly controls and systems. With our help, you can control and monitor how much power is used each day to maximize savings!

As businesses consider switching over from traditional fossil fuel-based methods for generating profits through green certification programs like wind or solar panels; they should also make certain changes within their company structure in order to provide better yet more efficient service delivery models which reduce overall consumption rates while maintaining productivity levels.

Through our energy management system, you can control your usage on a daily basis. With SuperGreen Solutions’ help in switching to eco-conscious sources of power like wind turbines and solar panels; electricity bills will decrease exponentially!

Have you considered pursuing green certification for your business? If not, now is the time to make the move towards differentiation and leadership in your marketplace.

Contact Skelligs Energy to learn more about our energy and sustainability solutions.

PS Sustainability Can Save Energy & Improve Profits

As an added bonus and for those SMEs in Ireland specifically, the following is some further advice from as regards building and marketing your SME as sustainable – a task for which Skelligs Energy is particularly suited through our franchise arrangement with SuperGreen Solutions.

SEAI Business Briefing – How Your SME Can Save Energy & Money

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