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Sustainability: How To Gain Superior Profit & Operational Performance

By Jim Houlihan | Aug 7, 2022

Sustainability encompasses environmental, social, and financial demands and concerns, and if managed correctly, it can be a powerful tool for business success

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How To Save With Refrigeration Energy Monitoring – Energ2

By Jim Houlihan | Aug 4, 2022

Refrigeration Energy Monitoring is now available in Ireland and designed by the Madison Energy Group, EnerG² is a remarkable retrofit device that reduces the energy consumption and maintenance costs of commercial-grade coolers and freezers.

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Sustainable Business Is the New Normal: 5 Reasons to Pay Attention

By Jim Houlihan | Jun 11, 2022

Sustainability is often associated with environmental concerns, but there are many other aspects that contribute to a company’s overall sustainability. That is why being a sustainable business is rapidly becoming The New Normal and it’s time to start paying attention.

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Hydroxyl Technology Can Help Us All Reopen Safely

By Jim Houlihan | Jan 22, 2022

Nature’s own hydroxyl air cleaning technology is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ solution in facilities, schools and homes across the world.

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ENERGY SAVINGS: Weather-proofing & Air Sealing

By Jim Houlihan | May 5, 2021

Air escapes from your home and has to be replaced by air from the outside. This will affect the air temperature, humidity, comfort of the living spaces.

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10 Reasons for an SME to go Green

By Jim Houlihan | Feb 22, 2021

Green Initiatives – Why they are just good business Today’s global business environment demands a holistic to energy management and sustainability. Even for a Small and Medium Enterprise, or SME, this requires the management and coordination of financial, environmental, and social demands to ensure a responsible and indeed ethical approach to the marketplace and it’s …

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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality with Hydroxyls

By Jim Houlihan | Jan 9, 2021

Offices and schools, need to keep Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) at healthy levels. Hydroxyl generators could be the secret in the fight against odours and infection

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Why Sustainability Matters: Intangibles & Marketing

By Jim Houlihan | Aug 7, 2020

When it comes to managing and growing a business in the new Post-Covid world, sustainability definitely matters.

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Why Sustainability Matters I – Profit & Potential for SMEs

By Jim Houlihan | Aug 5, 2020

Building your business in the new Post-covid world is going to be difficult – but can a sustainability approach make it somewhat easier, and for sure, more profitable?

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